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News - Events  » 10 The Need For Car Inspection Before each trip away   

Summer is the time we planned for many field trips, camping, resort ... Your Trip To be safe, fun and convenient, checking every vehicle before each trip is extremely important and necessary. Refer some important steps

1. Check wheel

Before leaving, you take the time to check the status of the wheel, the wear of the wheel running and the spare wheel.

2. Win car

Would be very dangerous if the car brakes are worn or ineffective activities. You should go to the garage repairing the car to check the status of the brakes to ensure a safe trip.

3. The lighting system

You must make sure the lighting works well. Check the lamp brightness and consider replacing the lamp if necessary.

4. ADD wipers

Rain wiper blades must be in working order, no wear and wash water tank must be filled.

5. battery system

Many people often neglect to check the battery but actually it is very important because if the car will not run out of power then start. Please check the battery for signs of leaks, cracks in the battery or not. The most important is to fully charge or replace the battery if used long.

6. All kinds of oil, grease and water. 

You should check the engine oil, gear oil, brake fluid, windshield washer fluid and engine coolant, oil changes if necessary. Due to lack of oil or grease will lead to the car breaks down, the engine damaged and the repairs could cost more than you think. You certainly would not want her family to stand beside the car breaks down midway in a long trip.

7. The vehicle repair kits and Emergency kit

These are indispensable in your car during a trip dai.Hay prepare flashlight, signaling needs to support, the medical emergency, phone charger, battery charger cord, pressure measurement device power wheels, car jacks, tools to change the tire, engine oil, engine coolant, zipper car ... You can buy these items in a very convenient with affordable from the shops selling car parts on the Arcades.

8. Map

If you use the GPS on the phone be prepared directly from the car charger cord for use of GPS will very quickly drain battery. Also you should have a backup phone for too long when using GPS, your phone may be temporarily interrupted due to overheating. If you use the map, go to the center of tourist guide (Information center) every place you go to get local map.

9. The emergency contact phone numbers when the car is damaged

What do you do when the car breaks down heavily midway incorrigible? Keep the phone number REPAIR Caravan and services sled 24/7 throughout the state of the auto repair business on the Arcades on your phone and call them for help, they will come to your place help you. In case you do not communicate with the person repairing the car, use the services RECEIVE FREE QUOTE on Arcades to get the most appropriate introduction.

10. Service to ensure the safety car

If you are not used to self test car, choose one of the many services on the repair and vehicle inspection Arcades . The test vehicle before each trip is extremely necessary and important to ensure the safety of your trip and your family, so do not hesitate and skip this important step. Keep the phone number of car repairs , towing 24/7 emergency before each trip. All will help you reduce anxiety, stress the risks halfway. 


Wishing you a safe distance trips and fun!